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10 Tools to Discover at SHRM 2017

Posted by TextUs Team on Jun 12, 2017 12:40:15 PM
The SHRM 2017 conference is coming up fast, and the lineup of attendees is pretty impressive -- and so are their products. Here’s a list of the ten tools you don’t want to miss this year.


10-Tools-SHRM-01.jpgSpark Hire

Spark Hire is a video platform built specifically for interviewing. Candidate's record themselves answering interview questions, and hiring managers can review the video submissions whenever is best for them. Spark Hire frees up your time, impresses modern candidates, and streamlines in-person talent discussions.




Recruitics analyzes and automates your recruitment marketing strategy. Recruitics helps you improve your current recruitment campaigns, gain deeper insight into your strategic needs, and drive more candidates to your job postings.




Whil is a digital mindfulness program designed to improve your employees’ daily experiences. Whil helps your employees de-stress, sleep better, and work more efficiently, which helps you drive better team performance.




Brainer is a learning management system, designed to expand employee knowledge and boost on-the-job motivation. By learning the latest techniques and in-demand skills, your employees will also become lifelong learners -- which is an investment in your company’s long-term growth.




DecisionWise provides simple, interactive tools to track your employees’ overall satisfaction at work. By monitoring engagement from a team member’s very first day, DecisionWise provides a real-time picture of your team’s overall wellness and encourages constant employee-driven improvements. Not only does DecisionWise help you collect this information, they also help you make data-driven decisions and provide specific solutions to your employees’ challenges.



Priority Pass

Priority Pass give you access to thousands of airport lounges worldwide, for a single annual fee. If you travel frequently, especially for work, Priority Pass will maximize your comfort, efficiency, and enjoyment between flights. You’ll have guaranteed WiFi to get work done or simply a comfortable spot to unwind. Priority Pass even provides complimentary refreshments, beds, and showers for a true respite when you’re on the go.




JobVite is a comprehensive recruiting software that helps you attract top candidates, build a reliable talent pipeline, and hire prime candidates. If you're a hirer who thinks that treating candidates and employees like leads and customers, then this is the tool for you.




Officevibe provides smart, well-designed employee surveys to make sure your team is happy and engaged. Officevibe gives you comprehensive data to elevate your office environment and improve company culture. Surveys also welcome freeform feedback to invite your employees to share their ideas and challenges, encouraging greater transparency and team growth.




HappyOrNot provides both your customers and your employees with a smileys-based rating system to provide feedback on interactions and experiences. With a simple, familiar, engaging emoticon scale, HappyOrNot gives you the data to easily understand internal and external satisfaction levels for your entire company.




Hey, that’s us! We’re in booth 3342.

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