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Tired of Making Cold Calls? Learn How to Make Warm Calls with the Text + Call Double Punch

Posted by Nate Bishop on Jan 28, 2019 1:05:08 PM

Let’s be real: cold calls are old-fashioned and awkward, and don’t get results. We don’t like cold calling. Your customers don’t like cold calls. But phone calls are still an important tool. You can make calls more powerful by being strategic about when you use them.

When you combine a well-timed text with a call, you get the double benefit of the quick casualness of text and the warmer connection of a real voice. Think of texts and calls as partners getting the same job done in different ways. So let’s look at how to make that partnership successful.

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How TextUs Voice Helps You Stop Wasting Time on Digital Paperwork

Posted by Nate Bishop on Nov 28, 2018 8:00:00 AM

In many ways, we live in the golden era of technological innovation. And nine times out of ten, the point of all of our exciting new tools is to save us time and energy.

We have these smartphones in our pockets to connect more quickly and easily to the people we love and the services we need.

We moved to digital banking to avoid the drive to the bank and the wait at the ATM.

And we adopted CRMs to prevent the time-consuming process of manually tracking outreach.

But, sometimes old habits die hard. And when we adopt new digital solutions, we don’t automatically adopt new ways of working.

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Introducing TextUs Voice - The Next Wave in Business Communication is Here

Posted by Nate Bishop on Oct 2, 2018 3:07:00 PM

There is a major shift happening in business communication right now. Your business is no longer in control of the conversation -- the customer is.

We can all order anything online, instantly get a ride, access all the entertainment and information that we want, on-demand and on our phones. This means that the power to make the decisions that drive business is literally in our pockets.

But, when it comes to business conversations, most companies are still acting as though the ball is in their court. We’re still using a business-first approach instead of a putting the customer first.

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