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Case Study: How Music Venues Use TextUs.Biz

Posted by TextUs Team on Feb 25, 2013 7:36:48 AM

TextUs.Biz is the Biggest Breakthrough in Fan Marketing Since Online Ticketing!

Whether it’s day of show or an upcoming on-sale, ticket buyers want information on your event and they want it quickly. Taking a phone call ties up your staff and email marketing goes largely unread. The number one reason people don't go to a show is that they "didn't know about it."

TextUs.Biz allows you to inexpensively text message your ticket buyers with important, high-value messages. The kicker is your text comes from your venue phone number and the customer can actually text back directly to your venue computer or iPad! Simply create a group of opt-in customer cell numbers and you are on your way to selling more seats . . .

TextUs.Biz reduces the time wasted on the phone by allowing your customers to directly text the box office and quickly know when a show has seats available, is sold out, what time doors open or whatever question they may have. Box office personnel can now assist customers at the window and manage multiple text conversations at the same time, taking stress off of the staff and keeping customers happy!

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  • Create a group or sub-groups that you can message regarding on-sales, discounts or special offers
  • Manage multiple concurrent text conversations with ticket buyers from your venue computer or iPad
  • Save time by keeping box office personnel off of the phone
  • Stop sending your customers to voicemail or recorded messages
  • Set an auto-reply to indicate when a show is Sold Out
  • Print your text conversations for back-up
  • Communicate with venue staff via group text
  • Set an auto-reply message with your Box Office hours



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