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Featured Business: Fourstar Realty & Property Management is Text Friendly

Posted by TextUs Team on Feb 5, 2013 8:55:59 AM

Fourstar Realty & Property Management uses TextUs.Biz in a variety of ways to make their day to day, business workflow far more efficient. Fourstar has hundreds of properties and tenants to communicate with, most of which are college students who don't regularly check their email or even answer their phone! TextUs.Biz provides an instant communication method to manage conversations with individuals or groups, that they know will be received and responded to.

[fancy_heading style="style1" size="small"]Use Cases[/fancy_heading]

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  • Save time and be more effictive when scheduling lease showings
  • Send texts for scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Communicate with renters via group text messaging
  • Emergency messaging to staff or tenants
  • Interoffice communication and scheduling via text[/list]


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