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Introducing TextUs.Biz v2.0

Posted by TextUs Team on Apr 15, 2015 9:56:00 AM

TextUs.Biz-v2.0-nowliveTextUs.Biz is better than ever with the latest launch of TextUs.Biz v2.0! We've always valued any and all feedback that our users have given us over the years and are happy to launch the latest updates based on the feedback we've received. With a focus on user experience, the new update has a fresh, modern look and newly added features.

The New Look

TextUs.Biz-v2.0-03To the left, to the left! We've switched things up a bit by moving all navigation over to the left of the screen so that all options are neatly organized in the area you're already used to finding your Messages and Contacts.

Under the Messages tab you will now see our "QuickText" feature where you can enter a phone number and instantly send a text without having to enter all their contact information.

We've also added a new feature icons you'll see in the "Filter By:" section as well as the in the bottom of the chat boxes. We're hoping you love using the new sidebar and icon feature navigation as much as we do!

New Side Bar Nav Features

TextUs.Biz-v2.0-05Speaking of the new sidebar... You'll find everything you need to make texting even more efficient on the left of your screen. Each icon is associated with a feature. Simply select what you'd like to edit and it slides right out!

  • Auto Replies
  • Signatures
  • Groups
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Messaging Templates

Each of these features can now easily be managed from this new second level drawer from the left. We think you'll like the simplicity and easier feature management now all in one place.

New Chat Window Tools

TextUs.Biz-v2.0-04Along with the major refresh comes the bonus icons at the bottom of every chat window. You'll find that you can now:

  • Flag Conversations
  • Edit Contact Information
  • Add To-Dos
  • Add Notes
  • Print History
  • Use Message Templates
  • Schedule Messages

Each tool was designed to make all your texting needs easily within reach! Getting acquainted with the new system can come with it's challenges. That's why we're available to help answer any questions you may have.

Please don't hesitate to reach out by text or call (303.442.3223) or send over an email to We're always happy to help!

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