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Introducing the New TextUs ROI Calculator for Staffing Firms

Posted by Joshua Berndt on Sep 28, 2018 4:26:21 PM


One day, the team and I were talking (again) about how to really show the value of text messaging for staffing firms. We’d been really digging in, trying to get at a way to identify the most meaningful metric, and I had one of those lightning bolt moments that we’re all hoping for when tackling tough problems.

⚡️Response rate isn’t just about how many people you hear back from. If we’re looking at the bottom line, one of the real values of texting is that it boosts the number of placements you can expect as a result of your outreach efforts.

With that in mind, we built out this ROI calculator. With just a little bit of info about your current workflow, we can help you understand:

  • How many more conversations you can start with text messaging
  • How many more placements you could be bringing in
  • What ROI you can expect with texting

👉 Check out our ROI calculator now 


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