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Sheldon Arora, LiquidAgents Healthcare CEO, on the Power of Texting in Talent Acquisition

Posted by TextUs Team on Sep 21, 2017 2:06:01 PM
“TextUs has been a game changer. Texting is much more effective than email for getting in touch with candidates.” -- Sheldon Arora, CEO of LiquidAgents Healthcare

LiquidAgents Healthcare knows a thing or two about the right technology. Sheldon Arora, CEO of LiquidAgents Healthcare, previously ran a successful IT company. After 9/11, they began offering their IT services -- and then staffing services -- to hospitals. Now, LiquidAgents is one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the country.

LiquidAgents’ tech roots have been crucial to their success. They have built their own recruiting infrastructure and database that is managed by specialized teams. In a recent interview for Staffing Hub, Arora discussed how technology and automation help grow a business in the 21st century.   

“We have partnered with leading companies for add-on functionality; for example, using TextUs, the business texting tool, has been a game changer. Text messaging is the primary way nurses, allied workers, and doctors communicate, so texting is much more effective than email for getting in touch with candidates. It’s the new email — it’s more concise, direct, and immediate.”

Want more tips for growing your staffing business? Read Arora’s full interview.

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