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SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

Posted by TextUs Team on Aug 14, 2013 7:45:00 AM


SMS marketing vs Email marketing? How many times to you receive an email and delete it before even reading it? Probably very often. In fact, the email marketing space is so over saturated that many refer to promotional emails as spam. It can take up to 90 minutes for a person to reply to an email, if they even reply at all. Why invest in sending your message using a disregarded method of communication? It's time to rethink how you communicate with your customers.

emailsvstexts-2Did you know that 99% of mobile phone owners have text messaging? How about that text messages are read over 95% of the time but emails are only even opened 20% of the time? With the average person checking their phone over 150 times a day and 91% of people always having their phone within arms reach, your message is sure to be seen.

With Messages for Business, we give text messaging an even bigger meaning. Not only can you broadcast a promotional messages, appointment reminders, or general announcements to your customers, but by text-enabling your landline, your create a personal dialog with your customers and as a result, they have your business number saved in their phone for future interactions.

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