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Press Release: “Text Friendly Boulder Business” Campaign

Posted by TextUs Team on Oct 21, 2012 8:09:22 AM
(Boulder, CO)- Boulder based TextUs.Biz has launched a new service that enables local businesses to use their existing business phone number/landline to send and receive text messages to and from their customers, from a computer. In an effort to make Boulder, CO the first “Text Friendly” business community on the planet, this service is currently available exclusively to Boulder based businesses. As an added bonus, TextUs.Biz is inviting up to one hundred Boulder businesses to use the service for FREE for three months, as part of its “Text Friendly Boulder Business” campaign.
This new first of its kind customer service tool encourages businesses and their customers to text message their inquiries and questions rather than make a phone call. “TextUs.Biz is what many customers and businesses have been waiting for,” says Ted Guggenheim, President of TextUs.Biz. “By using our two-way text message application, both businesses and customers can avoid leaving voicemails, being placed on hold, or missing calls.”TextUs.Biz is perfect for all types of local businesses including salons, hotels, restaurants, auto services, massage therapists, doctors, dentists, and retailers. TextUs.Biz is convenient for customers as it allows people to make inquiries in the method they most prefer: text messaging.

For local companies, becoming a “Text Friendly” business is simple and easy. Just visit TextUs.Biz/Boulder and request an invitation. Participating businesses in the “Text Friendly Boulder Business” launch will receive:

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